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GESTAL has developed business with the main contractors in Aeronautics and the following :

Our range of services include:

Production unit:

  • A 5000 sq.m workshop dedicated to machining, benching and forming operations
  • EN 9100 certification

Maintenance unit:

  • Maintenance of infrastructures and means of production

Tertiary unit

  • Work on new facilities and renovation work for the following: Electrical, plumbing and sheet metal work.
  • Multi-service contracts

With over 30 years’ experience and thanks to our special partnership with aeronautical industry, we know that the technicality of the final product implies a very high level of demand and commitment. To meet these requirements we have four guidelines.

0. Certification EN 9100

Operators qualified and certified in specific skills

  • Implementation of a training policy within GESTAL main strategy
  • A quality control department approved by both AIRBUS & STELIA
  • Control over the management of different sub-contractors
  • Workshop annual production capacity: 150 000 hours
  • Machining of parts
  • Sub-assy works
  • Benching operations,assy sheet metal forming
  • Electromechanical maintenance
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing
  • Metal work
  • Pipe work

Sheet metal works /forming

  • Straightening, 3 point forming
  • Assembly (riveting, sealant application, electrical bonding)
  • Machining and benching operations
  • ID Marking, paint touch up
  • Shaping Rilsan tubes (draining sets)
  • Cutting out elastomeric parts, bonding sleeves

Mechanical / electromechanical works

20 years ‘know-how in contract/project management.

Maintenance :

  • Handling equipment, vehicles and rolling means
  • Lifting means, workshop cranes
  • Lifts
  • Doors, gates & turnpikes
  • Electrical motor rewinding

Electrical works

New equipment installation & maintenance

  • high and low voltage current
  • Computer , telephone networks
  • lighting & signposting

Pipe-works /plumbing

Maintenance :

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Network manufacturing and installation
  • 5000 sq m shop-floor area
  • Manufacturing engineering dept
  • Scheduling dept
  • Quality dept
  • AIRBUS Saint-Nazaire
  • AIRBUS Nantes
  • AIRBUS Toulouse

The means