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The means

Our Design offices

Your projects will find answers within our design office. Our designers and manufacturing engineers will work out the best possible solutions to meet your specific requirements and shall engineer to their implementation.

Industrial activity is continuously developing. Within GESTAL, our design office for both shipbuilding and land based industry has a key role in our organisation. This multi-skill team works out and designs technical installations which perfectly meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

A versatile workforce i.e. :

  • Working out quotes/proposals
  • Manufacturing engineering/method planning (sequences of operations, work instructions, orders…)
  • Project/work follow up
  • Continuous flow procurement control
  • Management of material certification and procurement traceability.

Our design office as a solution provider for both shipbuilding and industry in general

Our design office:

Gestal bureau d’étude
  • defines, designs, manufactures and carries out your project,
  • gathers and implements the versatility of its skills
  • works efficiently to meet our customers’ requirements both in terms of budget and lead time
  • provides safety and environment related technical guarantees

The means