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Our Design offices

Your projects will find answers within our design office. Our designers and manufacturing engineers will work out the best possible solutions to meet your specific requirements and shall engineer to their implementation.

Industrial activity is continuously developing. Within GESTAL, our design office for both shipbuilding and land based industry has a key role in our organisation. This multi-skill team works out and designs technical installations which perfectly meet our customers’ expectations and requirements.

A versatile workforce i.e. :

  • Working out quotes/proposals
  • Manufacturing engineering/method planning (sequences of operations, work instructions, orders…)
  • Project/work follow up
  • Continuous flow procurement control
  • Management of material certification and procurement traceability.

Our design office as a solution provider for both shipbuilding and industry in general

Our design office:

Gestal bureau d’étude
  • defines, designs, manufactures and carries out your project,
  • gathers and implements the versatility of its skills
  • works efficiently to meet our customers’ requirements both in terms of budget and lead time
  • provides safety and environment related technical guarantees

Our After-Sales depart.

Shipbuilding after-sales department

Dry dock works in the main shipbuilding yards worldwide and more especially :

  • Engine propulsion systems (POD)
  • Engine room mechanical and electromechanical works
  • Power generation systems related works
1. Gestal service après-vente

Building trade /industry after-sales department

On call duty teams dedicated to the maintenance of infrastructures and means of production for electrical, plumbing, sheet metal, pipe and mechanical works.

Our commitments

Since the company was created our target has always been very clearly to constantly improve our performances and through our enhanced services to ensure our competitiveness.

This objective cannot be achieved unless our customers are fully satisfied and it is therefore essential to understand their current and future needs and anticipate their requirements and expectations
(technical solutions, lead time, quality, safety management, competitive prices).

Besides rules and regulations our management system must enable us to:

  • Boost our development, widen the range of our proposals, carry on our cost reduction policy, be flawless in terms of quality and HSE and increase the efficiency of our practices (continuous improvement).
  • Motivate and get our workforce involved (long, short term and temp work contracts) Only through the involvement of all the personnel (head management, senior engineers, manufacturing engineers, operators) shall this strategy be successful and in order to ensure
    the development and the continued existence of the company for the benefit of all.

Interim facilities department

Our department is organized so as to make sure that energies are available throughout your work on site before permanent networks are ready.

  • Our multidisciplinary team is used to handling interim facilities
    • Production engineering support
    • Operating procedures and technical data sheets
    • Our teams are trained to initial check-up on interim facilities before use
    • One of our teams is trained to set up interim fire detection and deal with fire detection
    • maintenance
    • "Lean manufacturing" expertise
  • Cost estimates of our services
  • Preparation of work
    • Dimensions of facilities
    • Network planning
  • Setting up, maintaining and removal of interim facilities
    • Interim fire detection
    • 220V
    • 380V
    • Water
    • Air
    • Gas
  • Management controlling

Our teams are known for being available, responsive and flexible

The means