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The means

Our commitments

Since the company was created our target has always been very clearly to constantly improve our performances and through our enhanced services to ensure our competitiveness.

This objective cannot be achieved unless our customers are fully satisfied and it is therefore essential to understand their current and future needs and anticipate their requirements and expectations
(technical solutions, lead time, quality, safety management, competitive prices).

Besides rules and regulations our management system must enable us to:

  • Boost our development, widen the range of our proposals, carry on our cost reduction policy, be flawless in terms of quality and HSE and increase the efficiency of our practices (continuous improvement).
  • Motivate and get our workforce involved (long, short term and temp work contracts) Only through the involvement of all the personnel (head management, senior engineers, manufacturing engineers, operators) shall this strategy be successful and in order to ensure
    the development and the continued existence of the company for the benefit of all.

The means