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Energy Related Services

Control and knowledge of Technical and operating skills in the following fields: nuclear and thermal power plants, shipbuilding.

The services/works we provide

On our customers’ sites we carry out both punctual and scheduled maintenance operations, preventive, repair or conditional actions.

  • Sub-contracting general agreements for the maintenance of oil, water/air systems
  • Maintenance of low pressure turbines
  • Work on pumps, compressors, fans
  • Electromechanical work on ship propulsion systems (POD)

GESTAL your partner for your photovoltaic projects

For all our activities the certification of our workforce ensures perfect knowledge of the HSE rules of the different work sites.

Our photovoltaic solution installations benefit from our know-how and the guarantee of a sixty year old company.

Maintenance in good operating conditions of wind power plants

Partnership with manufacturers in terms of research, development and installation. We carry out both scheduled and punctual maintenance operations of wind power plants on site.

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